What’s new in A2?

Language Arts:  In preparation for Black History Month, we are reading the novel Thank You, Jackie Robinson.  Students will be completing a final project upon completion of the novel.

We have also begun our unit on figurative language.  We began with similes and metaphors, and we will be moving on to onomatopoeia, personification, hyperbole, idioms, and adages in the next few weeks.  We will refer back to these terms throughout the remainder of the year.

Science:  We are just wrapping up our unit on Weathering and Erosion.  Next we will be studying the effects of natural disasters on humans.  Students will put their engineering skills to the test as they design an earthquake resistant building!

Math: Fractions, fractions, fractions!  We have finished our unit on division, and we are now tackling the world of fractions.  Students will learn about equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, finding common denominators, adding and subtracting fractions, simplest form, mixed numbers, and more!



Chapter 2 – Plants – Test Tomorrow!

Answer keys to the study guide and the photosynthesis worksheet are in the Science Google Classrooms.  Students should use these, along with other worksheets and their textbooks, to study for the test.  Test targets are listed below.

  • I know the 3 most important things plants need to live.
  • I know the conditions seeds need to germinate.
  • I know where photosynthesis takes place, and I can describe the process using the science words chloroplasts, chlorophyll, stomata, glucose, oxygen, and carbon dioxide.
  • I can identify and label the internal and external structures of a plant, and I know their functions.  (colorful petals, stem, roots, leaves, pistil, stamen, sepal, ovary)
  • I can compare and contrast fibrous roots and taproots.
  • I can compare and contrast seeds and spores.
  • I can explain 4 ways seeds move.
  • I can describe 2 ways pollination occurs.

Rainforest Unit Assessment Tomorrow!

We will be finishing our rainforest unit tomorrow with our final assessment.  Students will be asked to answer several short-answer questions about rainforests.  All answers should be found in their notebooks, readings from class, and on the study guide  We went over the answers to the study guide in class, so students should have the correct answers.  I will post the correct answers in their Google Classroom in case they did not get them written down.

We will continue to discuss rainforests throughout the year, as they are related to so many concepts we study!