Chapter 2 – Plants – Test Tomorrow!

Answer keys to the study guide and the photosynthesis worksheet are in the Science Google Classrooms.  Students should use these, along with other worksheets and their textbooks, to study for the test.  Test targets are listed below.

  • I know the 3 most important things plants need to live.
  • I know the conditions seeds need to germinate.
  • I know where photosynthesis takes place, and I can describe the process using the science words chloroplasts, chlorophyll, stomata, glucose, oxygen, and carbon dioxide.
  • I can identify and label the internal and external structures of a plant, and I know their functions.  (colorful petals, stem, roots, leaves, pistil, stamen, sepal, ovary)
  • I can compare and contrast fibrous roots and taproots.
  • I can compare and contrast seeds and spores.
  • I can explain 4 ways seeds move.
  • I can describe 2 ways pollination occurs.

Rainforest Unit Assessment Tomorrow!

We will be finishing our rainforest unit tomorrow with our final assessment.  Students will be asked to answer several short-answer questions about rainforests.  All answers should be found in their notebooks, readings from class, and on the study guide  We went over the answers to the study guide in class, so students should have the correct answers.  I will post the correct answers in their Google Classroom in case they did not get them written down.

We will continue to discuss rainforests throughout the year, as they are related to so many concepts we study!

Classroom Routines

Our 2nd week of school is under way!  We are starting to get our routines down, and I thought I’d post some of them here in case you or your child have questions.

Morning routine:  Students come in, unpack their bags, make their lunch choices, turn in any assignments, set out their planners to be checked, and begin writing in their journals.

Planners:  I write what we did each day, as well as any assignments, on the board each day.  Students are asked to fill out their planners exactly as I do.  If I write down an assignment that they have already finished, they may write “done” next to that assignment to show parents that it is completed.  I ask that students write down all assignments, even if they have finished them, so that parents can see what we did during the day.  Parents should review their child’s planner each day, and sign or initial the last box.  Students who have filled out their planners correctly and have them signed will receive an R&R the next morning.

Spelling: Each week we will have spelling tests.  I give a pretest on Mondays to see what words the students already know.  We will do spelling practice throughout the week and then take a test on Fridays.  Any students who spell all 20 words correctly on the pretest will not need to take the test on Friday.  Words will be listed in the Language Arts Google Classroom, as well as here on the website, each Monday.

Homework:  I plan to give very little homework this year.  I will give time to complete most assignments in class.  Assignments not finished in class may become homework due the following day.  Some projects will need to be completed outside of class, but ample notice will be given (check the website and student planners for those due dates!)

We have a new report card and grading system this year.  Please try to attend Open House on Thursday, August 25th, to see a video explaining this new process.  The video will play from 5:30-5:40 in our classroom.  (It will play in all classrooms, so if you have more than one child at Gale, you may choose a room to watch it in!)

If you have any questions or concerns about these or any other classroom routines, please give me a call at school, or email me at